Lithium Silicate

Lithium silicates, or lithium water glass, is produced in a special way. Lithium hydroxide is added to Silica Sol, and in this liquid, static particles are floating around in a stable dissolution. Lithium water glass is, thereby, not found in the glass (solid) form that other types of water glass can be found in and it is a thinner liquid than sodium or potassium silicates. 

Properties of Lithium Silicate

Lithium silicate’s chemical formula is Li2SiO3

The dissolution of lithium silicates has a density around 2,52 g/ml

Lithium silicates are often preferred over other types of silicates when it comes to applications such as treatment of concrete, coatings of concrete, because lithium silicate penetrates further into the concrete and because it does not give any salt blooms. 

By adding lithium silicate to either sodium or potassium silicates can improve the attachment properties to different surfaces. 

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