Bollerup Jensen produces standard types of liquid silicates within lithium-, sodium-, and potassium silicates, but at the same time we are able tailor special requested products as well. We are flexible and can supply you with different packaging from 1 litre to 39 tons. If you want to know more about our silicates, you can contact our Technical Manager at or you can buy our standard products at our Danish webshop 

Potassium Silicate

Potassium silicates are a versatile, inorganic chemical product that is produced by melting sand with potassium carbonate, also known as potash.

Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicates are produced in the process of melting sand with an adjusted amount of sodium carbonate, and this process forms a glass product. 

Lithium Silicate

Lithium silicates are produced in a special way.  Lithium water glass is not found in the glass (solid) form.

Silicates is in abundance on Earth and it is one of the most important mineral classes as it constitutes around 25 % of all known minerals. A silicate can be any member of a family of anions, and the fundamental unit of a silicate is the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron. It is composed of one silicon-cation bind to four oxygen atoms. Silicon in its pure form is rarely found on its own, but as silicate minerals, silicon can be found combined with silicon dioxide, or other elements in practically all rocks, clays, sand, and soils

In the 1500s, European alchemists observed the process of soluble silicates, also known as liquid silicates, or water glass, and since the 19th century, liquid silicates have been a manufactoring product. Liquid silicates were traditionally used for the preservation of eggs, as eggs stored in cool conditions in liquid silicates will be able to be preserved for months. 

Liquid silicates are produced from raw glass that are dissolved in water at high temperatures, thus the name water glass. The raw glass used at Bollerup Jensen is produced at different locations in Europe that produces water glass with different amounts of sodium, potassium, and lithium, respectively. 

Water glass can be used in many ways: As a protection against corrosion in detergent, as a binder in boards that are used for high-temperature insulation, deinking of recycled paper, fire retardancy in building materials, and surface treatment of concrete. 

Bollerup Jensen has three different kinds of water glass: Sodium water glass, potassium water glass, and lithium water glass, and these three kinds can be further separated in different varieties and concentrations. We produce our own standard products within the different product groups, but we are also able to make specific products by request from customers.