The History of Bollerup Jensen

The history of Bollerup Jensen begins far out west, more precisely in Western Jutland. It was founded by the family Bollerup Jensen in 1935. The company produced soap- and cleaning products in the old-fashioned way without additives and without the use of modern chemicals. And the old recipes that was the foundation of the company are still used to this day. The recipces have, however, been optimized since then. 

In 1973, Bollerup Jensen relocated to a former dairy in the small town Aadum, outside of Tarm, where the company is still found today. Later on, in 1981 the company expanded its repertoire to include the production of water glass, and today Bollerup Jensen is Denmark’s sole independent producer of water glass. Bollerup Jensen was in 2009 acquired by the equity fund, Jysk Industri Holding, in connection with a generational shift in the company. With the new owner, the company has developed from being purely a production- and sales business to be focusing on innovation projects that can help secure a greener future. 

Working for a Cleaner Future

Today, Bollerup Jensen continues to focus on making products from natural materals that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Not only are the products sustainable and eco-friendly, but the goal is to make all packaging of products sustainable as well. Bottles used for packaging are made from discarded fishing nets as well as from reused plastic. Besides the continued production of soap- and cleaning products, Bollerup Jensen develops and produces sodium-, potassium-, and lithium water glass. The different forms of water glass are used to optimize products, but also used in different innovative projects that aim to make green solutions for the future. 

Bollerup Jensen cooperates with craftsmen, retail stores, and major international players in order to find the right solutions for all. The innovative thought process at Bollerup Jensen is paramount for the targeted work product development that aims to help the future become greener. The pivotal idea in this work is to develop products that can replace the existing environmentally damaging products and processes. Along with Bollerup Jensen’s consumers and collaborators, the company is proud to share the products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and based on clean natural materials with the purpose of a greener Earth. 

Our Mission

At Bollerup Jensen, we strive to develop eco-friendly products within soap- and cleaning supplies that can replace environmentally damaging products already existing on the market. Furthermore, we work on innovative projects to find new uses of water glass in order to create sustainable solutions in the future. The underlying thought in everything we do is to offer you a simple and easy alternative that cleans thoroughly without destroying nature. 

Bollerup Jensen is an ‘innovation house’ that focuses on developing new solutions for the future as well as improving those solutions.

All Bollerup Jensen products are made from natural materials which make them eco-friendly and sustainable.

Bollerup Jensen is a Danish company that produces its products onsite in Denmark. You can, therefore, be sure that the products live up to a high-quality standard.